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Vietnamese fruit market: 2 billion USD export target

According to statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam’s fruit exports continuously increased, from 827 million USD (2012) to 1 billion USD (2013) and 1.477 billion USD (2014). With this positive growth result, in 2015, Vietnam set a target of exporting fruit to USD 2 billion. Is that target too far away?

Over the past time, the Government has had many policies to support enterprises to invest in agriculture. However, the problem is that the enforcers do not properly enforce the State’s main policies. 

Sharing about this issue, Mr. Le Si Cong said: “We have a huge contradiction in policy implementation. While the State encourages and creates favorable conditions for enterprises to export fruit… it is the people who work directly with enterprises at many agencies such as the plant quarantine agency, customs, etc. to operate the business.

If Vietnam cannot improve four issues, including market regulation, policy implementation, agricultural product orientation, and market orientation, it will be difficult to improve the fruit export situation.

Explaining the above, the representative of Banana Laba Dalat, said that Vietnamese farmers are now swimming by themselves with 80% dependence on the Chinese market and are constantly in a state of “good season”. .

Bananas in Vietnam grow a lot, surplus to export, but the quality and consistency of the fruit is almost zero.

Thus, it is very difficult to export through quotas, let alone export officially. Moreover, the market regulation policy has not been promoted.

Specifically, recently, when the price of dragon fruit dropped sharply, only 500-2,000 VND/kg, in Lam Dong, dragon fruit was still sold for 20,000 – 30,000 VND/kg.

“For Vietnamese fruit to be present in the world, it is necessary to have the participation of large corporations with financial potential and large specialized farming areas,” said Cong.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Nguyen Huu Chung cited the failure of an FDI enterprise producing products from fruit materials. Specifically, in 1995, an FDI enterprise (UK) entered Vietnam to invest in a concentrated fruit juice factory in Long An.

At that time, this enterprise chose pineapple to produce, but after only a week of operation, the factory did not have enough materials to close the project. Because, to get 100kg of concentrated pineapple juice, it takes 1,000 tons of raw pineapple, but the growing area in Long An is not enough.

According to Mr. Chung, fruit, besides fresh export, can be processed into many high value-added products, such as concentrated fruit juice, processed jams, pieces, seeds, canned fruits, and raw materials. serving the confectionery, dairy industry…

However, the difficulty of Vietnamese fruit is that if you want to process it after harvest, you have to review the growing area, which Vietnam has not yet met.

According to Mr. Chung, currently, the Middle East market consumes about 1 billion USD/year of fruit juice. This is a very large market for Vietnamese enterprises. The price of concentrated juice is increasing day by day, especially pineapple concentrate costs about 1,700 USD/ton.

“The problem is that the Government needs to have long-term orientations and focus on a few key fruits, not spreading widely.

The Philippines has the Dole banana brand, New Zealand has kiwi fruit, apples … with an area of ​​thousands of hectares, cultivated entirely by mechanization, producing beautiful, synchronized, cheap products, famous all over the world. Vietnam needs to learn from them,” said Chung.

Agricultural developers also believe that, in order for the export turnover of agricultural products in general and Vietnam’s fruit in particular to reach the destination with a figure of many billions of USD, it is necessary to expand the synchronous planting area from 1,000 ha or more and smooth coordination between the State, scientists, enterprises and farmers.

According to Saigon Entrepreneurs

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